The ANR FEEVER project has led to the shooting of the following artistic, scientific and pedagogical videos.


  • Faust Playground, which allows for the easy combination of Faust-based audio modules, has being enhanced; it has been used in the PACAP Project. Watch how the FEEVER technology is applied to seamlessly produce advanced audio systems (video downloadable here);
  • The SmartFaust environment enables innovative group music-playing activities using smartphones as digital instruments programmed via Faust. AFP TV dedicated a short documentary to this experiment, with a public concert composed and directed by Xavier Garcia.


  • The FEEVER 18-month review presents videos introducing highlights of the project, including Faust Playground, jsCoq and ClavecinWeb.


  • John Chowning's pioneering masterpiece Turenas has been re-created live using Faust-based synthesis techniques (see the Papers section) at Stanford University; see and hear the whole concert (13:18 mn), courtesy of Laurent Pottier;
  • Official Clavecin-Audio project video (8:40 mn), in which all sounds are created using Faust, integrated within the Max/MSP environment;
  • As part of the Clavecin-Audio project (see the Papers section), this short proof-of-concept video (2:02 mn) illustrates polyphonic sound synthesis using the waveguide technique.