FEEVER Highlights

The ANR FEEVER project members have been recognized by their peers in the following key events. 


  • Laurent Pottier was awarded a Full Professorship at Université Jean Monnet, and ranked first among the applicants (St-Etienne, France, June 18).


  • The Second Faust Open Source Software Competition Award prize was awarded to Ambitools, while the Student prize went to TouchVoices (Lyon, France, October 17);
  • Pierre Jouvelot, from ARMINES/MINES ParisTech, was awarded a Certificate for Excellence in Reviewing for his duties as Associate Editor for Elsevier's Entertainment Computing journal (October 14);
  • Laurent Pottier, from Université Jean Monnet (St-Etienne), has been awarded the "Prix de l'enseignement musical 2015 (Innovation technologique pour l'enseignement de la musique)" by the Chambre syndicale des éditeurs de musique de France (CEMF) at the Musicora salon (Paris, France, February 7).


  • Thomas Cipierre, from Université Jean Monnet (St-Etienne), has been awarded the "Prix d'excellence Master/ingénieur" by the Fondation de l'Université Jean Monnet for his project "Interloper, création sonore en temps-réel  plaçant le public au centre de la réalisation musicale" (St-Etienne, France, June 11);
  • The First Faust Open Source Software Competition Award (slides) prize was awarded to Guitarix during the LAC'2015 conference (Mainz, Germany, April 11).